‘Shameless’ GIF Recap: It Could Be Worse

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02.15.14 2 Comments


Hoo boy, last week’s Shameless was rough. Let’s see if things get any better.


With Frank missing and Fiona in jail, Lip has to be Head Gallagher. The good news is that Liam is at least stable, so first thing on the agenda is finding Frank to keep Liam out of foster care. Fiona has bail set at $100,000, so Lip balks at the idea at posting that. Debs, insulted that Lip would give up on his sister, runs off to her boyfriend’s place to collect herself.


We catch up with Frank at the hospital. He’s got Cirrhosis, so things are not looking so good there. After turning down hospice care, Frank decides the best place to be is home, making him easier for the rest of the Gallaghers to find.


Fiona is not taking to jail so well. Limited phone calls, cavity searches, and crappy food aren’t hurting her nearly as much as realizing that she’s responsible for Liam’s potential fate.


Luckily, she made bail.


Everyone else, estranged relatives and boyfriends included, got together at the hospital to receive a seemingly healthy Liam. I mean, there’s potential for brain damage that may show up later in life, but he’s alive for now.


And because we needed a story that didn’t involve hospitalized and jailed Gallaghers, Sheila decided to go live with her Menominee boyfirend on the reservation.

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