The ‘Shameless’ Season Premiere Has Fiona Doing Not Too Bad

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01.13.14 2 Comments


Season three of Shameless ended with Ian going AWOL from the Gallagher household and Steve/Jimmy going on a long boat ride. Neither of those storylines are continued in the season four premiere, but there’s other interesting plot points being setup here:

  • Fiona now has a steady job, and is, well, doing decent by Gallagher standards. She’s also sleeping with the boss (which her co-workers are aware of), so let’s just see how this turns out.


  • Lip, after all the effort to get him there, is having second thoughts about college, which GAH!
  • After two year of trying, leading to having her husband impregnate her mother, Veronica is now pregnant. Hooray!


  • A quick check in with the Milkovichs show that they reluctantly miss their Ghallagher men.
  • Debbie and Carl are dealing with puberty in their own special way; Deb is hanging with “the wrong crowd” and flirting with high school boys while Carl gets to look into masturbation.
  • After finding him with needle marks at a crack den, Officer Tony drops Frank off where he assumes is home. Despite Fiona wanting no part of it, Carl insists on caring for his father. I’m hoping Frank doesn’t screw this up, don’t see it going any other way.


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