Shark Tank Host Says 3.5 Billion People In Poverty Is ‘Fantastic News’

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ABC’s Shark Tank is undoubtedly a huge success. Friday’s ratings leader features five “Sharks” (including Mark Cuban, who I’ve met and is actually really nice and charming, but I digress) as they undergo heavily-edited negotiations with smaller companies. Most of the show’s success comes from the actual personalities of the Sharks themselves: they’re crass, they’re mean and apparently, at least one of them – Kevin O’Leary, is a huge freaking a**hole.

On his Canadian talk show – The Lang and O’Leary Exchange  – Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful” – responded to a question about OXFAM’s latest numbers of worldwide poverty, which states that the combined wealth of the 85 richest people on Earth is equal  to the poorest 3.5 billion people. Here’s what he had to say:


Here’s the transcript if you’re too impoverished to watch videos:

“It’s fantastic,” O’Leary told his co-host Amanda Lang.

After all, it “inspires everybody, gets them motivation to look up to the one per cent and say, ‘I want to become one of those people, I want to fight to the get up to the top.’”

Now, before people take this story and run with it, I think I understand his point: you know, the point that pretty much every rich white person makes when talking about taxes, socialism, etc., but to call it “fantastic” that so many people live in the worst conditions possible?

It looks like this Shark might just find himself…*takes off sunglasses*… in hot water.

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Video via Youtube, Story via TheAlbatross

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