‘Sherlock’ Series 3 Premiere GIF Recap: Back To Baker Street

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01.20.14 11 Comments


We begin the third season of Sherlock two years after the titular character magically survived a fall. Our favorite high functioning sociopath has been undercover dismantling Moriarty’s network. Unfortunately London is in danger, so Mycroft has to pull his brother out to save the day.

Meanwhile, John has gone through some big changes.


Oh, he’s also got a fiancée now. I mean John needed to do something to get over the death of his BFF. So when it turns out Sherlock was alive but just didn’t tell him for two years, John is a bit upset.


But hey, save a doctor from a mysterious kidnapping and burning, and he tends to go back to assisting you in you mysteries; just after a headbutt.


Oh right, the saving London from a terrorist attack thing. Turns out there’s a train with a bomb on it set to make Parliament explode. The reunited duo find themselves locked on the train with the bomb set to go off, but of course Sherlock manages to disarm it.


And so London is saved and Sherlock is back solving crimes. However, the episode ends with a sinister figure watching footage of Sherlock saving John. It seems like he’ll be of importance later on.

Leave you thoughts and theories in the comments, and try not to spoil it for those who haven’t seen the next two episodes.

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