6 Of The Best British Comedies On Hulu You Need To Start Watching

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02.01.14 53 Comments

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We all love Netflix around here of course, but I don’t think many people realize that Hulu is also a really great resource to seek out some surprisingly diverse series that might not be available on the former streaming service. And when it comes to British comedies, I’m sorry but Hulu kind of beats the crap out of Netflix. Sure, most everyone is familiar with Spaced, The Office and The Thick Of It (at least I hope), but there’s so much more out there that’s really worth your time. Here are a cool half dozen, in no particular order:

the trip

The Trip (1 out of 1 season)The Trip follows Steve Coogan, most famous in the UK for his ‘Alan Partridge’ character, and his friend Rob Brydon (both playing fictional versions of themselves) touring some of Britain’s finest restaurants after Coogan’s girlfriend dumps him and forces him to find a new companion. The premise of the show is simple: Watching grown men eat at some of the most amazing Michelin-starred restaurants while awkwardly bickering like children. There is also some underlying tension due the insecurity that Coogan, a lifelong bachelor with nothing to show other than a string of failed relationships, feels towards Brydon, a seemingly happy family man. It’s a riveting watch and you can probably do it over the course of an afternoon.

TV Webb 2

Peep Show (8 out of 8 seasons) — I gotta say, and I know a bunch of you out there agree with me, but it is ABOUT DAMN TIME Peep Show gets some love on UPROXX. Peep Show isn’t just one of the funniest British comedy series ever, it is one the the funnest series ever. The plot centers on Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell) and Jeremy “Jez” Usbourne, (Robert Webb) two friends living together who are complete opposites. While that doesn’t sound tremendously original, the catch (and reason for the title) is that it’s shot from either Mark or Jez’s perspective, allowing you to see what they see and hear what they think — both of them being terrible people. The final season kind of falters, but if you watch anything on this list, make it this.

mitchell and webb

That Mitchell and Webb Look (4 out of 4 seasons) — Which naturally takes us to That Mitchell and Webb Look. Created by the aforementioned David Mitchell and Robert Webb, That Mitchell and Webb Look is a wacky yet wry sketch comedy series with just the right of observational humor thrown in. Numberwang!

fresh meat

Fresh Meat (2 out of 3 seasons) — Whenever I describe Fresh Meat to anyone, I basically tell them: It’s like British Undeclared. But kind of better. (Yeah, I went there.) The first season takes a bit to find its footing but once it does, it’s phenomenal. Fresh Meat follows a group of college freshman who get assigned to live in a house together and become unlikely friends despite varying backgrounds and personalities. Jack Whitehall, actor and standup comedian who plays posh J.P, is easily the standout of the series. Unfortunately the third season is not yet available in the states but it only continues to get better.

moone boy

Moone Boy (1 out of 1 season) — You guys. I can’t even with this show. It’s so over the top twee but yet still so funny and heartwarming and so amazing. I mean, look: It stars Chris O’Dowd as AN IMAGINARY FRIEND TO A LITTLE BOY. That is really all you need to know, but I’ll go on. Martin Moone (David Rawle) is a precocious 12-year-old boy trying to keep his head above water living in a small Irish town with his quirky yet dysfunctional family. While the premise alone is fantastic enough, the wacky family provide an additional dose of comedy as well, giving it kind of a Malcolm in the Middle feel to it. The series is also created and written by O’Dowd, and is semi-autobiographical. It premiered in 2013 and has already won several awards.

whites bbc

Whites (1 out of 1 season) — OK, maybe Whites isn’t one of the best British series out there, centering on former hotshot chef Roland White (Alan Davies) who apathetically runs a kitchen he feels below himself — however it does have a pretty decent supporting cast, so it’s worth mentioning. For anyone who is already a fan of Peep Show, Issy Suttie (Dobbie) and Matt King (Super Hans) make up the supporting cast. Whites was cancelled after one season.

Note: While I realize in the UK they refer to “seasons” as “series,” this is how they’re listed on Hulu so this is how I displayed them. Although I’m sure at least one person will still point this out in the comments.

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