Somebody Help This Poor Guy Being Held Hostage By His Wife At A Michaels Craft Store

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06.09.14 11 Comments


I feel your pain, anonymous Michaels shopper’s husband, captured by this Reddit user over the weekend — I really do. Despite my XX chromosome status, I actually loathe shopping almost as much as I do crafts. When possible, I buy clothes online and the thought of a trip to Target on the weekend sends shivers down my spine. My husband, on the other hand, probably falls squarely into the camp of this dude’s wife. When we go grocery shopping — I’m not making this up — he meticulously compares prices to package weight and will try to figure out if the better deal is off-brand or brand name on sale, like an 80-year-old who lived through the Great Depression when all I want is to LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE. It’s maddening.

So here’s to you, anonymous Michaels shopper’s husband. Next time try sneaking some airplane-sized bottles of mini booze in with you. Trust me, it helps.

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