Someone Is Willing To Pay $5 Million For The New Wu-Tang Clan Album

04.03.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


As previously reported, only one copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s new album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, exists. It’s going on a tour of museums and galleries before being sold to a Ghostface fan with money to burn. RZA was hoping to sell the album for something “in the millions,” and he’s already received an insane offer.

“Offers came in at $2 million, somebody offered $5 million yesterday,” [RZA] via phone from Los Angeles Tuesday, during a break from promotion work on Brick Mansions, his forthcoming film with the late Paul Walker, and Gang Related, his Fox show launching next month. “I’ve been getting a lot of emails: some from people I know, some from people I don’t know, and they’re also emailing other members of my organization. So far, $5 million is the biggest number. I don’t know how to measure it, but it gives us an idea that what we’re doing is being understood by some. And there are some good peers of mine also, who are very high-ranking in the film business and the music business, sending me a lot of good will. It’s been real positive.” (Via)

Hm. “Good peers,” “high-ranking in the film business,” “good will.” It’s obvious where those smackers are coming from: Minnie “Drunk” Driver “Driving, There’s No Surviving.” Big U-God fan, that one.

Via Billboard

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