Soundgarden Will Perform ‘Superunknown’ Front-To-Back To Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

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02.26.14 3 Comments


South by Southwest is a chance for unknown bands to make a name for themselves, and also for Lady Gaga to be denied a permit to perform in a f*cking vending machine and Soundgarden to play grungesterpiece Superunknown, front-to-back. Somewhere, the guys in Love Battery are wondering, why not us?

Soundgarden will be headlining night three of the iTunes Festival at SXSW in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Superunknown (available on iTunes on March 11th). Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, and Ben Shepherd will perform the album front to back for the first time ever. (Via)

I’m just saying, it’s almost the 20-year anniversary of Straight Freak Ticket, too…

Via Soundgarden World

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