Spanish Police Are Investigating A Video Showing A Woman Performing Oral Sex On 24 Men For Free Wine

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07.03.14 41 Comments
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It’s been a good week for the tourism board in Spain. First it was officially announced that Game of Thrones will film there next season, which is good news for all the various frisky Martells, because apparently the Spanish town of Magaluf’s main export is Sex-for-Drinks Viral Videos.

A three-minute clip of a woman performing oral sex on two dozen random guys in a Magaluf bar is the talk of the Internet today, because it’s July 3rd. According to the Daily Mail, the unidentified lady, who is believed to be a British tourist, was trying to get a free bottle of Cava. Which costs three euros.

So-called “mamading” sex parties – mamada being a Spanish word for performing a sex act – are being increasingly used by Spanish bars as a way to tempt youngsters in. (Via)

The city’s mayor, Manuel Onieva, has already ordered a police investigation, although not even the world’s greatest detective (Columbo) would be able to answer, seriously, a bottle of Cava?!?



Via the Daily Mail

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