Stephen King Accused Dylan Farrow Of ‘B*tchery’ On Twitter, Doesn’t Know How To Delete A Tweet

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02.04.14 12 Comments

Since Dylan Farrow’s open letter in the New York Times was published this weekend, Woody Allen apologists and defenders have been coming out of the woodwork in droves, clamoring to call the account of a young woman who claims to have experienced sexual assault by her father as bullsh*t. Yesterday afternoon, in response to a tweet by author Mary Karr, questioning “Dylan Farrow’s open letter alleging sexual assault at age 7 by Woody Allen: Right or wrong to post it?”, Stephen King tweeted back the following.

king tweet 1

Yeah dude, I mean what a b*tch. It’s like, victims of sexual assault, why you always gotta be such Debbie Downers? Also: it’s totally OK because he left it ambiguous by adding “but…” at the end. The internet reacted pretty much as you’d expect.

king tweet 2

King, of course, backpedaled — but did not delete his original tweet, I’m assuming because old people and the internet.

king tweet 3

Ugh. This whole thing is just so gross and ugly and terrible. But hey, on the plus side — kudos to Stephen King, who has built a career writing about horror, evil and monsters, to totally outdo himself by calling an alleged victim of sexual abuse a “b*tch” as the most horrifying thing he’s ever written.

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