Steven Tyler Confused Two Street Musicians Playing An Aerosmith Song

05.20.14 4 years ago 4 Comments
steven tyler aerosmith


The leathery knots in Aerosmith visited Lithuania this week for a concert in Vilnius, where they stopped to see the Lithuanian White House. Outside of the building were two street performers playing a lovely version of “Crazy” on the violin and accordion, and YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHICH TALKING PILE OF JOHNNY DEPP’S USED SCARVES CONFUSED THEM WITH HIS RAMBLINGS.

From a Lithuanian website:

Vilnius Welcome group Aerosmith members bored. On Wednesday, Vilnius Siemens Arena concert surengsiančios famous U.S. band members on Tuesday continued to study the Lithuanian capital. Group leader Steven Tyler – excellent mood, the hotel kissed fan, and even the Presidential Palace and sang. (Via)

That actually makes more sense to me than most of Aerosmith’s lyrics, of which Tyler can only remember every fourth word. He fills in the gaps with technically proficient screeches.

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