Taco Bell’s New Commercial Stars Guys Named Ronald McDonald Raving About Taco Bell

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03.27.14 6 Comments

ronald taco bell

If only Taco Bell’s, y’know, tacos were as good as their marketing. I’ve already ordered 17 A.M. CrunchWrap bed sheets, and damned if I didn’t get a chuckle out of their latest commercial, in which guys named Ronald McDonald from all over the country profess their love for…Taco Bell. It’s a fairly brilliant way of calling out your main competitor (I mean, besides liquid meat-induced death) without actually calling them out.

The marketing campaign is intended to promote Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu, which features novelties like a waffle taco. The chain, owned by Yum Brands Inc., is looking to boost sales by opening most of its roughly 6,000 U.S. stores a few hours earlier at 7 a.m. starting this week. (Via)

McDonald’s plans to retaliate by force feeding a Big Mac down Taco B.M. Monster‘s throat.

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