A Teenage Girl Had To Be Pulled Out Of A Sewer After Trying To Retrieve Her Cell Phone

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04.03.14 8 Comments

Ella Birchenough, a 16-year-old in Dover, England, had to be rescued by firefighters on Wednesday after she hopped into a storm drain in an attempt to fetch her dropped Blackberry. She instantly became stuck, her legs dangling in sewer water as her upper torso remained aboveground.

“I was talking to somebody and I went to put my phone in my pocket and it fell down the drain,” she told KentOnline.”I thought to myself, ‘I’m not leaving this’ and I jumped down to get it.”

She called to a passerby and asked her to alert her mother Joanne at their home nearby.

Joanne, 36, dashed to the scene and then dialled 999 and three firefighters turned up to gently pull the red-faced schoolgirl free.

“When they pulled me out I ran straight home and jumped in the bath. I think it was just water but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Thanks to those firefighters, Ella obviously emerged from the sewer just fine. The phone, however, is broken and will need to be replaced.

KentOnline; Image via @Kent_999s

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