'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Has Taken A Vow Of Celibacy Because Of Course She Has

03.12.14 5 years ago 16 Comments

Whether Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is coming out with a sex tape, coming out with another porno, not knowing the difference between a sex tape and a porno, lying about the sex tapes, going on Couples Therapy with a fake boyfriend, or just being cringe worthy in general, The Backdoor Teen Mom has now taken a vow of celibacy for some reason. Via The Stir:

It seems that Couples Therapy host Dr. Jenn Berman suggested that she not just give herself away so freely. Farrah claims that she’s in a better place now, and concentrating on understanding why she’s made some of the choices that she has. And apparently she’s waiting for someone special before she does the deed again, per Dr. Jenn’s advice.

“Dr. Jenn Berman suggested that she not just give herself away so freely.” That’s probably the most polite way of telling a girl to stop banging everything in sight because you have to let it breathe, girl. What does Abraham have to say?

“I’m waiting,” she said. “Dr. Jenn told me to wait about six months and I feel like whether I wait six months or I wait five years, I’m going to just wait for the right person.”

Or if the right paycheck comes along and or strip club needs help to open. Whatever. It’s all about believing in yourself, and riding on a sex swing whilst blowing kisses to your fake boyfriends camera.

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Via The Stir

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