The Best Parodies Of Ellen's Celebrity Selfie Seen 'Round The World

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03.03.14 5 Comments

oscars selfie

Ellen’s Oscars selfie has now been retweeted over 2.6 million times, and the number keeps climbing higher. Which begs the question: who is the person STILL RT’ing it, some 12 hours after it was first posted online? I assume a lot of secretaries. In a week from now, when that 2.6 million has climbed to 4.1, it’ll be time for your crazy aunt on Facebook to finally send it out to her four Followers.

Anyway, with a photo that popular, of course there are parodies. And that Rob Ford is somehow involved.

1. Nic Cage

nic cage

2. Doge Much Wow

doge selfie

3. The Spacey Between.

spacey selfie

4. Hey, It’s Me, Ellen.

ellen selfie

5. Leo Will Never Get His Selfie

leo selfie

6. Rob Ford Edition.

rob ford selfie

7. He’s Weirdly Excited

obama selfie

8. When You See It…

shining selfie

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