The CIA Joins Twitter And Displays A Surprising Sense Of Humor

06.06.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

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OK, I know I shouldn’t be laughing at this. The inaugural tweet from the Central Intelligence Agency came today, and I definitely shouldn’t be finding it funny. I should be forever vigilant towards the organization that  is generally known for dealing in all sorts of shady, ugly business.

But come on…..that tweet is pretty f*cking funny. This has to be a Kimmel prank, right? Or maybe a covert promotion for the upcoming TBS season of American Dad.

Please tell me it’s one of those things, and I didn’t just laugh out loud at a tweet from the f*cking CIA, and that I can comfortably call myself a journalist without holding back immense feelings of shame. What kills me about this is that I know exactly why they did it – it’s a feeble attempt to make us forget about torturing detainees or collecting our phone records. “Hey, ignore all of that sh*t, here’s a funny joke for you! Laugh it up, dummies!” I know all of this AND I STILL F*CKING LAUGHED WHEN I SAW THE TWEET!

I hate myself….

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