‘The Daily Show’ Gloriously Eviscerated A Bunch Of Google Glass ‘Explorers’ Last Night

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06.13.14 14 Comments

Last night The Daily Show finally tackled the “plight” of the Google Glass user — I’m sorry, Google Glass “explorer.” Because did you know that’s what they call themselves? They actually call themselves that. Or as Jason Jones tells the group of Glassholes he interviews, including UPROXX darling Sarah Slocum: “Magellan was an explorer. Chuck Yeager was an explorer. You guys have a f*cking camera on your face.”

You know how sometimes Daily Show correspondents will interview people in such a way that the subjects don’t really know they’re being made fun of? Let me be clear that this is NOT what happens here. I don’t know that I’ve ever witnessed a more deserving TDS takedown and it is everything I’ve ever hoped it could be. It’s practically cathartic.

“Do you guys hear yourselves when you talk? An interface between you and the real world? Those are called eyes.”

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