The Nicolas Cage Art Show Is America's Answer To The Louvre

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03.26.14 4 Comments

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Book publishers keep rejecting my proposal for a 10,000-page collection of the Internet’s finest Wicker Man memorabilia made of honey, so I GUESS I’ll have to settle for the Nicolas Cage Art Show and Musical Shenanigans. The event, which will be held at Balançoire in San Francisco on Saturday, April 12th, is a tribute to the man, the legend, the hero himself, Nic Cage, and organizers are taking submissions for your finest Raising Arizona paintings and Vampire’s Kiss drawings (in blood?).

Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a REAL THING! I welcome you to the first and greatest Nicolas Cage art show. We will be featuring many wonderful works of art by a local and international lineup of artists depicting the various incarnations of one of history’s most magical actors and public figures.

Nicolas Cage is an enigma of misunderstood sex appeal, raw, unfiltered power and his chameleon like mystique to portray himself as Nicolas Cage as any character! What?! We are currently taking submissions from artists who wish to draw, paint, digitally portray, or doodle interesting and captivating imagery of Mr. Cage. Contact me for submission info: (Via)

Tickets are available here, and check out some sneak peeks of the art show below.

nic cage art 5

nic cage art 4

nic cage art 3

nic cage art 2

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