The Recordings Of G.G. Allin Getting Prank-Called By A College Girl Are Being Released

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G.G. Allin was a fascinating son of a bitch. I can’t imagine the THINK PIECES his live shows, which regularly involved blood, bile, and bomit (that’s bloody vomit), would have inspired if he were still around today. Not that there was any chance of that happening — he was born to die young, and even if Allin could live his life over again, it would still end the same degenerate way. But! Just because he was about as wild and reckless as a rock star could be doesn’t mean his fans weren’t able to pull one over on him. Like so:

Pitchfork: This girl from Sarah Lawrence college got his number and staged these two amazing pranks; one was over the course of five calls, she pretended to be “from Riot Grrls” and said he was on a list for volunteers. She said she wanted him to help set up equipment for a Riot Grrls show.

Henry: Oh my god, do you have them on tape? Was this after G.G. died?

Pitchfork: Yeah, I have them, I’ll send them to you if I can find them. It was before he died, around the time he was appearing on the Sally Jesse Raphael show. (Via)

Those tapes are about to be officially released for the first time. Pranked: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, a “limited edition, 47-minute tape of…prank calls to G.G. Allin and his brother/bassist Merle Allin,” is set to come out on Record Store Day (April 19th), although the order’s only limited to 50 copies.

Hopefully the Sarah Lawrence student manages to buy one.

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