The Trailer For The New Thug Kitchen Cookbook Is Hilarious And Healthy As F*ck

09.27.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

The genius folks behind Thug Kitchen are ready to take their healthy as f*ck recipes to the big leagues with a brand new cookbook later this fall. To help promote, they’ve released a hilarious trailer/commercial that highlights all the many reasons why you — thug or not — should pick up a copy.

Some of the testimonials are pure gold:

Mom: “I remember a time when I thought my kids got enough nutrition from that prepackaged bullsh*t I buy at the store. I was such a lazy f*cking *sshole. Now that I’ve got the Thug Kitchen cookbook, I don’t play that sh*t anymore.”

Old woman: “I love to cook good food but who has the f*cking time to hunt down a dozen exotic ingredients just to eat better? Not at my age. Thug Kitchen helps me cut through the bullsh*t with language that I can understand.”

Curious as to what kind of meals Thug Kitchen will teach you to whip up? Here are a few recent recipes.

There’s the “Late Summer Tomato Nectarine Pasta”

And the Chickpea Tabbouleh

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