There’s An Entire Tumblr Dedicated To GIFs Of Taylor Swift’s Awkward Dancing

01.29.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Taylor Swift is the living embodiment of “dance like nobody’s watching,” especially when EVERYBODY is watching, like they were during the Grammys on Sunday. Whether it’s genuine or cold, calculated marketing (“Life’s one big sleepover with the girls to Taylor, now buy her $150 sleeping bag and matching pillows, only at Kmart!”) is up for you to decide; me, I’ll be watching T-Swift get kicked in the face by Ryu a few hundred more times, then laugh like nobody’s watching at these GIFS, taken from the appropriately-titled Tumblr, Awkward Taylor Swift Dancing.

I will never, ever tire of these.

taylor dance 20

taylor dance 19

taylor dance 18

taylor dance 17

taylor dance 15

taylor dance 12

taylor dance 11

taylor dance 9

taylor dance 8

taylor dance 7

taylor dance 6

taylor dance 5a

taylor dance 3

taylor dance 2

taylor dance

taylor whip

Banner via Getty Image, via Awkward Taylor Swift Dancing

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