Kate Mara & Ellen Page Are Lobbying Hard To Star In The Next Season Of 'True Detective'

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03.24.14 67 Comments

kate mara house of cards

Ever since creator Nic Pizzolatto hinted that #TrueDetectiveSeason2 might be female-centric, every actress in HollyWEIRD has been checking their phone every six seconds (six being the number of letters in “yellow” — WHAT DOES IT MEAN) for a voicemail from Pizzolatto’s number, 666-666-6666. Some have even taken to admirably pandering to HBO to become the next Rick and Morty, er, Rust and Marty.

ellen kate

The yellow to Ellen Page’s king, Kate Mara, responded:

ellen kate 2

HBO liked the idea:

hbo tweet

So did Page and Mara:

ellen kate hbo

Two Tiny Detectives sounds great, even if it doesn’t happen. Though Kate’s got plenty of free time

Via @_KateMara

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