This Guy’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Right Before A Romantic Getaway, So He Listed Her Spot On Ebay

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10.20.14 23 Comments

Jake Dodridge, a 21-year-old IT technician from Britain had planned a romantic trip to Venice for him and his long-time girlfriend, but when she broke up with him just weeks before the trip — which had set the guy back £650 — he was unable to cancel. So, Jake did the only reasonable thing and listed her spot on eBay, starting at just 99p. He told The Daily Mail that “when life gives you lemons you have to make lemonade,” but I would still be wary of weird, strange lemonade you buy off of the internet. It could be made with water from out of the toilet for all you know!

The listing read:

I’m looking for someone to travel to Venice with me. (This isn’t something I’d normally do but I’m left with no choice!)

This includes the flight, tickets and hotel stay for four nights!

The hotel is a 4* hotel in San Marco. I’m a 21 year old male and looking for FEMALES ONLY between the ages of 18-30 to join me!

I bought this holiday to Venice and it is non-refundable. I checked and for a small fee a passengers name can be changed.

The flights are from Garwick – San Marco airport.

The trip is from December 3rd and coming back the 7th.

I will need to see a few photos of the bidder to make sure you are between the ages of 18-30!! (will be adding photos of myself later)

The listing has since been removed, since as of four days ago after the story went viral in the UK last week, the high bidder was up to £91,000 and you know eBay charges you a percentage fee of that sh*t. It’s unknown whether or not Jake found himself a lady companion to go with, but he posted online this morning that he had 600 new friend requests pending — so I’m sure at least one of those could be a keeper.

RIP Jake and his GF.

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