Watch These Daredevils Walk A Tightrope Between Two Hot Air Balloons And Try Not To Wet Yourself

Creative Director

Here’s a video of a bunch of French dudes high above the clouds in hot air balloons. It sounds harmless and not very badass until you realize they’re not up there to eat cheese and take in the view. They’re up there to tightrope from one balloon to another. The stunt is called “The Balloon Highline” and it’s performed by The Skyliners, a team of tightrope walkers.

This video is fantastic on so many levels. It manages to capture some pants-sh*ttingly terrifying shots via helmet cameras. It’s also insulated from the internet’s inevitable “FAKE!” calls, because none of the daredevils actually make it across. That’s right, NONE OF THEM MAKE IT! The video is splat-free, however, because the daredevils are wearing parachutes. Which somehow makes the video even more vertigo-inducing — and more awesome.

(If you’re the kind of person who hates buildup, skip straight to the two-minute mark for the action.)

Sebastian Montaz-Rosset via Geekologie

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