Here’s The Ultimate Taylor Swift Fan Reaction To Taylor Swift Not Winning Album Of The Year

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01.27.14 12 Comments

The thing about Daft Punk winning Album of the Year for an album that begins with the same consonant as Taylor Swift’s album that was also up for Album of the Year at The Grammys is that not only did Taylor herself get uber excited for a split second — creating one of the great GIFs the internet will ever know — but her millions and millions of adoring fans did as well.

And then when that wore off they got bitter and posted notes like this to Tumblr.


Perfect Taylor Swift fan? Yes, yes indeed. Could be more perfect if it was sprinkled with unicorn dust (is that a thing?). But I should also point out that being princess emo isn’t nearly as disturbing as going on crusade for someone who got a DUI the night before. But it’s definitely funnier.

Via r/CringePics

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