UPROXX Exclusive: Hear The Newest Mixtape From The Melker Project, 'Red Hot Trilli Peppers'

Senior Pop Culture Editor
03.12.14 7 Comments

After breaking the internet a few months ago with Ballin’ Oates, the Melker Project has released his newest project.

On Red Hot Trilli Peppers, the Melker Project has deconstructed each and every Chili Peppers track, adding brand new beats and replaying the instruments from the original – before mashing them up masterfully with likes of 2 Chainz, Future, BOB, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Yo Gotti, and more. “California Love” cleverly mixed with “Californication”? Check. “Give It Away” masterfully remixed and blended with BOB and 2 Chainz? Check. A personal favorite is “Melker Is Breaking the Girl,” a crunkalicious and trapped-out reworking of perhaps RHCP’s greatest song, updating the classic into a Billboard-worthy offering.

You can download the entire project — an UPROXX EXCLUSIVE — for free below. As if that’s not enough, you can also get an amazing Red Hot Trilli Peppers T-Shirt right here. And if THAT’S not enough, Melker is also gracing the stage TONIGHT at the Woven House-presented UPROXX party at SXSW (with Snoop Dogg!?). So yeah, that’s a lot of Melker, and even more Trilli Peppers. And that’s a good thing.

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