A Utah Truck Driver With Vampire Fangs Held Lady Sex Slaves Captive For Months In His Semitrailer

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In the past week, we’ve had mummified mysteries, airplane disappearances, and a murderer let out of prison to play Futbol. So why not delve deeper into dark stuff with a semi-truck driver that kept sex slaves in his truck for months. Via CBS Las Vegas:

A Utah truck driver kept sex slaves in his semitrailer for months at a time while he traveled the country, filing down their teeth, forcing them to alter their appearance and beating them until they nearly passed out, authorities said.

Timothy Jay Vafeades, 54, made an initial appearance Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Fargo, N.D., and will now be transferred to Utah for further proceedings.

The charges against him include kidnapping, transportation for illegal sexual activity, and possession of child pornography, and could bring a life sentence if he is convicted. His public defender, Richard Henderson, could not be reached for comment.

Filing down their teeth? Well, I guess, no, that is pretty horrifying. You know the guy has no experience in that area so imagining that happening is pretty much a nightmare for these girls.

After a week, the teen told Vafeades she wanted to go home, but she later told authorities that he strangled her until she blacked out and used threats and violence to keep her with him for the next six months while they traveled to Washington state, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee and other states.

Despite her pleas, Vafeades forced the teenager to have sex with him more than 100 times during their time together, a criminal complaint states.

He chipped down the girl’s teeth and had her wear a fake set, and wore his own false set that featured vampire fangs, the teen told investigators.


Is this some weird attempt at this guy pretending to be a vampire, changing the girls into vampires, and then pretending that he turned them into vampires so that he would be their creator? With a story like this, you know that rape is probably a given, but for this to be happening for months at a time, and the girls riding across the country having no idea if the next stop will be the last stop makes it even more vomit inducing.

Vafeades was arrested at a Clay County, Minn., weigh station on Nov. 26, after officers noticed bruises on the teenager and turned up a 1999 restraining order barring Vafeades from contacting the girl.

After his arrest, a second woman went to authorities to report she had been held captive in Vafeades’ truck, according to the warrant.

Yeah, so hopefully this guy gets treated like a vampire in the sun. It’s these types of things that make me paranoid about walking anywhere, doing anything, and trying new foods. Gluten-free? I don’t need that. I don’t have Celiac disease.

Via CBS Las Vegas

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