This Video Of A Stray Dog Getting Rescued Will Make You Feel All Of The Feels

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04.05.14 10 Comments

In the above video, two volunteers working with the Los Angeles-based animal rescue, Hope For Paws, got a tip that a stray dog had been living near a busy intersection for several weeks so they went to try to save her. Upon finding the extremely skittish dog, now named Ava, it took a good amount of time to gain enough trust to even come near her, much less rescue her. But after much persistence, once they were able to get a collar on her the transformation from a stray dog to a loving companion is absolutely heartwarming. You can actually see the dog’s body language just melt as soon as they’re able to start petting her.

This is why dogs are the best. If you’ve got access to one I’d strongly suggest hugging it now.

H/T Huffington Post

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