Vivid Offers ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham One Million Dollars To Pass A Polygraph Because Of Course

02.17.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

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In the latest news featuring Teen Mom pornstar Farrah Abraham, Vivid is now offering her one million dollars to pass a polygraph test. You know you might be a liar if a porn studio is calling BS on you. Via Business Wire:

“Farrah has seemingly made a cottage industry out of telling lies,” according to (founder Steven) Hirsch. “She now says that she was drugged and raped more than once while she was promoting her first sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, last year.”

Farrah says she surrounded herself with the “wrong type of people” while making promotional appearances for Vivid to promote the tape at adult conventions and strip clubs. Hirsch’s response: “We challenge Farrah to take our sanctioned polygraph test to prove whether or not she was telling the truth. If she passes the polygraph test, we will give her $1-million.”

“If not,” Hirsch adds, “Farrah needs to publicly state that she was not being truthful and agree to forego all future and past royalties on both of her tapes. We look forward to her response.”

$1,000,000 to tell the truth, or what she thinks is the truth. Screw it, say you made it all up to pass the polygraph. That is one million dollars for doing nothing but showing up. I mean, she’s done worse things for money, right? Some of the photos of her running on the beach are pretty racy. Oh, yeah, and the 2 pornos she made. I mean, sex tapes.

Hirsch is giving Farrah Abraham 48 hours to respond to his challenge, as of Friday afternoon, Feb. 14.

She’s never been late for anything in her life! Except for her time of the month, which led to her having a kid when she was a teenager. That was pretty late.


Via Business Wire

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