Watch This Giant Aquarium Break Open At The T-Rex Restaurant In Disney Orlando

03.18.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Yesterday afternoon at the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida — not to be confused with Jurassic Fork — a gigantic fish tank burst open while patrons sat eating at tables nearby. Kate Wallace, a diner at the scene tweeted that although the explosion was loud, there was no broken glass. Hopefully this is a PSA to dress like you’re going to a “Gallagher” show when visiting a Disney theme restaurant from now on:

“We were sitting about 20-feet away,” Wallace said in an e-mail to WGHP. “The people sitting at the table next to it did get wet… I don’t know how they could have avoided it.”

Wallace said workers quickly entered the tank in an effort to save the fish.

“The staff did a great job of springing into action. They were clearing guests out of the immediate area, trying to contain the water and working to save the fish,” Wallace said.

Thankfully there were plenty of good Samaritans at the scene, not to help save the fish or calm any terrified children — but to get plenty of photos and video for us all to enjoy via social media. Can you imagine if all hell broke loose at a Disney restaurant and there wasn’t any footage? That’s not an America that I ever want to live in.

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