Here’s The Best Super Bowl Prank Video You’ll See Today

02.02.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

With the Super Bowl coming up, it means people are going to start talking smack. When it comes to sh*t talk, most people have fun with it. I can’t have a conversation with my friends without all of us insulting each other, but some people take offense, as seen with a few people in this video.

I don’t love a sports team enough to get in a fight about it. I mean, I’m a Detroit Lions fan, and I take offense at myself for being a Lions fan. Not to mention having to deal with the Detroit Tigers before they started winning. And thanks to the news of Justin Verlander probably being with Kate Upton, I’ll have to hear about that every time he pitches.

Who do I want to win? I don’t want to say, you’ll make fun of me.

Via YouTube

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