Watch How Happy This Dog Is To See His Owners After Surgery To Cure His Blindness

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06.16.14 6 Comments

If you’re the type of person who can’t get enough of those incredibly emotional videos of people hearing their own voices or the voices of loved ones for the first time, then this might be an early contender for your favorite video of the week. YouTube user Benjamin May shared this video of his Irish terrier, Duffy, seeing his family after eye surgery, and there’s a better reason for Duffy being so excited than simply because he’s a dog and dogs are excited about anything. According to May, Duffy has struggled with health issues and had gone blind because of diabetes, so the reason that his tail was on overdrive was because his surgery to reverse the blindness was successful, and he could finally again view the faces that he presumably loves to slobber on so much.

(Via Fark)

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