Watch: The Surprising Visual FX Reel From ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

01.14.14 4 years ago

Wolf of Wall Street might not be the first movie you think of when it comes to VFX, but this reel of before and after VFX shots shows modern film making is happening as much in post as it is anywhere else. It’s hard to watch something like The Avengers without imagining Scarlett Johanssen running around in an empty studio in front of a green screen, but I just assume that if a film isn’t fantasy, what I’m seeing on the screen is really there.

Brainstorm Visual released the three minute video showing everything from a view out of a background window to the addition of entire landscapes. It’s not surprising that much of the decadence of Wolf of Wall Street had to be fabricated, though now I’m wondering how much money was spent on computer generating Jonah Hill’s teeth.

Video is safe for work, which given the material is a post-production accomplishment in itself.

Via Indie Wire

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