Watch A Rap Battle Come To A Halt When One MC Threatens To Rape His Female Competition

02.14.14 4 years ago 17 Comments

rap battle

Jump Off is a weekly battle between wannabe-rappers in London (it’s like Fight Club meets 8 Mile meets British Macklemores!), and on Monday, MC Lighte the Boombox faced off against MC D’Klastro. The former’s a male, the latter female, and during his turn, MC Boombox freestyled, “After this, in the alley, you gonna get raped.” Over loud jeers from the crowd, he protested, “It’s a battle,” and dared any of the boo birds to join him in the ring. BBC Radio 1 DJ Nihal Arthanayake, who was one of the judges, did just that.

An angry Nihal took to the stage to hit out at the MC, rapping: “What the f*ck, you fat idiot. Didn’t you have a [mum]? Didn’t you have a sister?

“Why you so dumb? You misogynistic prick. Talking, you think you’re sick.”

He added: “You fat f*cking idiot. Rapping on this trip. This is the Jump Off, this is the big stage, this is Nihal, feel this f*cking rage…You fat f*ck. What happens when you shave? You cut yourself and out comes gravy and lard? You’re not brave.” (Via)

The winner: MC D’Klastro, for not resorting to lame threats and juvenile disses.

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