Watch These Random Students Bust A Move To Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

First things first, I-G-G bye Ms. Azalea because if you ask me, Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” pushed “Fancy” out of the Song of Summer top spot in the waning days of beach balls and barbecues. Do you stand in opposition to those scurrilous words? That’s cool, but it seems like a portion of the University of Central Florida student body are also pro T-Swift and they are clearly infected by “Shake it Off,” her delightful pop song about shaking off the haters. Or is it haterz?

Anyway, in the above video dozens of students take a few seconds to dance to their hearts content at the Student Union. Some are skilled, some are less so, but who cares? We’re surrounded by all of this exquisite choreography on Dancing with the Stars and the like, but as Kevin Bacon taught us, the point of dancing is to move around to the music and have fun without regard for someone else’s view of technical mastery or grace. With that said, though, when you have the ability to break out a sick and slick Kid N’ Play move, please do so. It is amazing.

Source: YouTube

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