We Dare You To Withstand The Cuteness Of This Baby Goat Taking Its First Steps With A Wheelcart

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05.21.14 4 Comments

Edgar's Mission

This little teeny tiny baby goat named Frostie the Snowgoat (D’AWW) came to Edgar’s Mission, an Australian animal sanctuary, with a debilitating condition that left him unable to use his back legs — which are filled with “pockets of pus” and toxins (d’eww). In addition to pumping him full of antibiotics, they needed to get Frostie mobile in order to get the bad toxins flushed out of his system, so they built him this little wheelcart to get around in.

I thought I was already in for the TKO watching this precious little goat creature take its first steps, but then it opened its mouth and “baaaa’ed” and my heart pretty much melted into a puddle right then and there on the spot. Are you happy, now, teeny tiny baby goat? My heart in now in puddle form. I hope it was worth it, learning to walk and all.

(Via The Hairpin)

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