Weezer Is Really Trying To Get Our Hopes Up For ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’

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07.02.14 14 Comments


It is very, very, VERY hard to take Weezer seriously anymore, and I say that as someone who hasn’t given up hope that the nerd rock band will one day deliver a second Pinkerton. Basically, once any band joins the trend of “rock cruises,” it’s usually a clear indicator that they’ve given up and entered easy paycheck mode, with the exception being Motorhead, because I don’t ever insult them. But Weezer doesn’t want us to think they’re in the same ranks as the Backstreet Boys and Sugar Ray just yet, because Rivers Cuomo and Co. have really been pushing the teasers into overdrive for their upcoming 10th studio album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End.

Since March, the band has been releasing teaser videos on Wednesdays as part of #weezerwednesday, and the faithful fans that have been riding this rollercoaster since the beginning are still getting their hopes up. For instance, today’s video, “My Mystery,” the 11th teaser posted to YouTube, reveals the album art for EWBAITE and it has some people remembering Pinkerton.

Specifically, the always wise know-it-alls in the YouTube comments section believe that the EWBAITE cover looks like the Pinkerton cover.

Pinkerton comments


And I hate to be the guy who asks, “Dude, are you high?” but the Pinkerton album cover looks like this…



… while the EWBAITE album art looks like this:

Weezer album art


I mean, maybe we’re dealing with art racists who think that all drawings that have mountains in the distance look alike – I can’t believe people are still that ignorant in 2014 – but I don’t think it’s all that similar. Now, if people want to compare the sound of the songs in the teaser videos to the music from Pinkerton, that would be fantastic. The world would be a much better place with another “El Scorcho,” that’s for sure.

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