REPORT: Zac Efron Was Punched In The Face By A Homeless Man

03.27.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

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When you have a punchable face, it’s hard to not be punched in the face. This was apparently the case when Zac Efron and his bodyguard were wandering Skid Row after midnight. Via TMZ:

We’re told cops were on patrol under the Harbor Freeway when they saw Zac and a man he identified as his bodyguard. Cops saw Zac and the other guy in a full-blown melee with at least 3 other people.

After breaking up the fight, cops questioned Zac. He told them they had run out of gas and were sitting in the car. Zac said while waiting for a tow truck they threw a bottle out the window — he never said what was in the bottle — and it smashed on the pavement near a group of transients.

Zac said the transients confronted him and the bodyguard because they believed the pair hurled the bottle at them. Zac says 2 of the transients attacked the bodyguard and when Zac got out of the car to help, he got cold cocked in the mouth. Zac said, “It was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life.”

If that bottle was filled with hobo urine, I would die happy. When I drive through a sketchy area (I live in Detroit, so it’s just driving), I make sure that I have enough gas in my car to escape any circumstance. So this all sounds very strange for a former drug addict to be driving around there.

The area where this occurred is rough. Cops are on high alert for drug deals and gangs. One source says Zac was “obviously intoxicated.”

As much as I want to make fun of a celebrity for relapsing and doing drugs, I’m above that. I’ll leave his acting in everything he has ever done to do that for me.

(Via TMZ)

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