10 Of The Most Highly Quotable ‘Workaholics’ Quotables

Like I mentioned at the beginning of Workaholics Week, Workaholics is the most quotable show on television. Hands down. It’s difficult to go a single scene without running into several lines you want to commit to memory in order to recycle at a later date to impress your friends. I’m convinced quotability is the backbone of the success of the show, especially when you consider its target demo is post-college single dudes who enjoy nothing more than tossing around quotes at a bar. True, incessant references to “Cranking Down,” “Tight Butthole,” and “Eggs Tyrone” probably won’t get you laid, but they sure are fun, aren’t they?

Certain quotables are the cream of the already creamy crop and here are some of my favorites one and a half seasons in, which I can easily break down with video support thanks to Comedy Central’s web friendliness. I invite you to inform me what I should have included in the comments.

1. An awesome thing. 2. A really awesome thing.

Anders: “You’re going to crank down here at the office? You think that’s a smart idea?”

Adam: “People take smoke breaks all the time.”

1. Fully engorged. 2. The state of being just about to “bone that lady.”

I didn’t realize this one had so much staying power until I interviewed the guys. Now I know it’s real. 1:00 mark…

24 hours left to take a crack at winning the shirt.


“Yes, she’s exactly what we want to be raped by, right?” @ :40…

“You ready to fill them stomachs up with some hot cheese and egg?”

1. To s’get out of here. 2. To s’kedaddle.

So. Many. Quotables. You should just watch every second of this.