10 TV Co-Workers From Hell That The Devil Would Love

04.16.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Most of TV’s greatest shows involve offices or workplaces, and that means that they all have their fair shares of downright diabolical villains or otherwise worthless drones that make the protagonists’ jobs and lives a living hell. In some cases, the maliciousness is intended, while in others it’s purely accidental. Regardless, these are people that we would never ever EVER want to work with under any circumstances, because there’s simply not enough money on this planet to make these people bearable.
However, for as much pain as they cause us, these characters would probably be the devil’s right-hand men and women if hell were simply one giant commercial office space. And for all we know, it probably is. And every one of us would be stuck taking orders from and relying on these completely self-absorbed and clueless characters that are also the reason why their TV shows were so great. You can bet that if hell is hiring, these characters’ resumés are at the top of the devil’s stack.

Probably the first co-worker that anyone thinks of when mentioned with hell, Dwight has shown his nice guy moments, but they’re few and far between compared to the things that he does to make us hate him so much.
If you’re casting a TV show, Jenna’s probably the last actress on your list, but if you’re part of a TV show crew, then you’re already subscribed to a workplace of arrogant, sociopathic hell. Jenna goes well out of her way to make sure that those around her are miserable, because it makes her feel so much better about herself.
If you can’t do anything that serves Councilman Jamm’s top priorities – i.e. himself and his bank account – then he’s probably going to make sure you’re Jammed. After all, he was willing to break up a wedding because Leslie Knope screwed him out of that Paunch Burger money.
Sure, they’re our protagonists in a strange, youthful anti-hero kind of way, but do you actually want to work with Adam, Anders, and Blake? At least with Jillian and Montez you get hard-working drones that are committed to at least making sure they’re employed. But this trio is a nightmare for everyone around them.
We love Pam because she’s a foul-mouthed, booze-swilling anti-woman, and that, combined with her bare-knuckle boxing history, would probably also make her the head of hell’s HR department. But if you need a job done, you could probably hire a random bum off the street to mediate better than Pam and her dolphin puppet.
How Cheers’ head waitress ever kept a job is beyond me, as Carla Tortelli was a loudmouth mother and ex-wife that didn’t put up with anything from anyone. She poured beers on customers’ heads and she made sure that Diane’s best moods were spoiled. Needless to say, she probably didn’t collect the best tips.
The man tried to get fired from the New York Yankees so he could work for the Mets. He lied to the people at Play It Now and made them think he was handicapped so he could have his own bathroom, and when they found out, he refused to leave. He was by far the worst co-worker ever created.
The only thing worse than a terrible employee is the company’s No. 2, who is nothing but a spineless brown-noser to the owner. Smithers is a lovable character on his own, but his undying allegiance to Mr. Burns makes him the one guy at the company that you don’t want to cross.
Kitty took time off to have breast augmentation surgery so she could then take off to party for Spring Break, all while Michael Bluth just needed her to be a capable secretary. Unfortunately, she was more than capable for his father, which is why she acts the way she does.
He was conniving, careless and arrogant, the kind of guy who would walk all over people if it meant gaining even an ounce of fame. And that’s why we absolutely loved to hate Bill McNeal.

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