The Guy Who Played Walt On ‘Lost’ Is Looking Good

Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and several of the cast members from Lost attended a Lost panel at PaleyFest last night, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the show’s inception. Paul Scheer moderated the panel (and smartly asked that no one attempt to make a joke about the missing Malaysian plane), and while there wasn’t a tremendous amount of new information, it was still fun to see the old gang back together again.

Among the highlights, Cuse and Lindelof admitted that they hated Nikki and Paulo as much as the audience; they revealed that there was no script when they cast the show, so several of the actors landed roles that didn’t even exist during the audition process; and no, Cuse said, the characters were NOT dead the entire time.

One other fascinating bit to come out of the panel was there is an answer to who shot Sawyer on the outrigger, but they decided to keep it a mystery for the show. However, the identity of the shooter is on a script, which they will likely auction off for charity at some point in the future.

Besides seeing all these guys back together, however, I think the coolest thing was to see how well Walt grew up. Malcolm David Kelley has had a few television guest roles since Lost, though I wouldn’t have immediately recognized him, and I guess he’s part of a pop duo with Tony Oller called MKTO. But this is the first that I’ve personally seen him in a very long time. He grew up nice.

You can watch the entire panel below, while it’s available (and there’s an extended section with Malcolm David Kelley around the 24 minute mark).

Here’s a few snapshots of the attendees from before and after the panel.