100 Of The Worst Trends Have Been ‘Killed’ So Let’s Celebrate The Funeral

Everyone can name at least a few trends on the internet that should be flung into a fiery inferno. Obligatory Facebook birthdays? Kill them now. That particular trend didn’t make it onto the Things That Should Die Tumblr account, but 100 other annoying entries were laid to virtual rest.

Not all of the casualties are internet-exclusive annoyances, but these are all things that people have at least complained about on social media. Such as paying extra for guac at Chipotle or witnessing the friend who adds 73 hashtags onto every status update. #baller4life

Most of these complaints are fair game. “Butt floss”? Definitely a term that should be obliterated. “Comic sans” feels like low-hanging fruit but should nonetheless disappear as well. The “3 Day Rule” needs to die on principle, but “those who are afraid to poop at work” will never find relief. All of us could be pooping right now, and you’d never know it.

Two Photoshop afficionados started this Tumblr account and killed off an annoyance each day until they murdered 100 trends. Here are some examples. See the rest of the album here:

(via Mashable)