Behold! This Is What 10,000 Sparklers Lit At The Same Time Looks Like

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Sparklers are the threshold you cross as a young person before you can start lighting off bottle rockets and then really cool stuff like those 100 shot repeaters and other big boy, prosumer explosives. Astute firework enthusiasts know that sparklers can be dull one at a time, but also be quite wonderful when your assorted friends and family are all waving them in the air like some sort of uncoordinated light show.

Then, you want more. One sparkler turns into two at a time, with the lighting of the next sparkler off the dying heat of the last. Two, three, four sparklers later, and you’re likely holding whole packs between your fingers like a celebratory Wolverine with sparkler claws. There’s something about sparklers and escalation that’s real. Everyone feels it.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the Slivki Show decided to up the ante to a degree that may never be topped. They opened up hundreds of sparkler packages that ultimately weighed-in at over 50 pounds, then organized the fireworks held by small children and grandmothers into an explosive collection of 10,000 sizzling sticks. The result is a glorious flame shooting at least ten feet into the air, taking the breath away of anyone watching. From pyromaniacs to fans of snap pops, this is some thrilling stuff.

It makes their 1,000 sparkler challenge completely obsolete, but fun to watch for reference.

(Via Gizmodo)

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