12 Celebrities And Their Stunt Doubles Because People Seem To Enjoy This Sort Of Thing

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05.21.12 6 Comments

We’ve come a long way since the LOL days of 80’s stunt doubling where mullet length was an afterthought in the filming of action movies. But that doesn’t mean stunt doubles these days look any more like the actors they’re attempting to replicate. No, advancements in editing have just improved things, as evidenced by this viral photo collection Imgur (5MM views!) that ironically enough doubles as an attachment-riddled email forward you received seven years ago.
After closely examining the wig/wardrobe combo that goes into doubling for Brad Pitt I am now confident that I can do the job any time, any place. Agents, call me. I can take a fall. In anticipation I’ll be introducing myself as “Brad Pitt’s stunt double” to the ladies of the laundromat.
Source: Imgur

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