13 Zombie Killerific ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Kill GIFs

If we were to rank reasons why the first season of The Walking Dead was a massive success I think we can all agree “epic zombie kills” would stand head and shoulders above the rest. As evidenced by all the showrunning drama over the summer, the show’s freshman campaign was far from perfect, but it was certainly entertaining, and really good at portraying the remorseless shooting, axing, and decapitating of zombies. Those gross flesh-eating f*ckers were simply begging for it.

Season 2 premieres this Sunday and I was already planning on searching out a bunch of zombie kill GIFs to gear up so I figured I might as well compile a collection for the masses. As you may have guessed they’re plenty graphic (translation: awesome) and arguably NSFW (what, your employer doesn’t want you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?) so hide the kids and if you feel like you can’t stomach them turn back now and never admit it to anyone ever.

Sources: TWD GIFs and F*ck Yeah The Walking Dead