A 14-Year-Old Girl Is Facing Assault Charges After Throwing A Baby Carrot At A Teacher

A 14-year-old girl in Henrico County, Virginia, is facing a punishment that may far outweigh her crime, after throwing a baby carrot at a middle-school teacher. The girl claims that she threw the carrot at a former teacher or hers between classes “as a joke,” but after the carrot nailed the teacher square on the forehead, suddenly it became no laughing matter. She has since been suspended from school for a month and faces assault and battery charges. Over a baby carrot.

The girl’s mother, Karrie May, says that she understands that her daughter Aliya was in the wrong for throwing the carrot at her teacher, but doesn’t even know how to “combat the stupidity” for the repercussions of the relatively harmless prank.

“I don’t understand this,” May said. “Yes, it happened, and I can see a couple of days in school detention or even a couple days out-of-school suspension. But this goes way beyond that. We have to go to court, and her charges aren’t small: assault and battery with a weapon.”

Todd Stone, a legal expert who spoke with CBS 6 News, weighed in on the issue and said that, “you don’t have to have an injury or show you were hurt to prove a battery,” but conceded that a judge was unlikely to convict a 14-year-old girl over throwing a baby carrot. As for the teacher who is taking a 14-year-old student to court over a baby carrot, I’m guessing Aliya isn’t the only kid who has wanted to throw stuff at this person.

(Via CBS 6 News Virginia)