15 Actors Who’d Make Fantastic Russian Generals

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For roughly six months now Tumblog Replace Face has been replacing the faces of Russian generals in portraits by English artist George Dawe with those of celebrities, because, you know, why the hell not? But only recently did the site gain notoriety by — you guessed it — dedicating the above creation to the internet’s favorite aloof uncle, Bill Murray.
The original portraits were painted during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. I don’t know what the original faces were like, but I’m sure I’d picture Patrick Stewart or Russell Crowe portraying the Russian generals if I ever read a historical account of the events, so it all kind of makes sense. I admit though, my title is a bit misleading, because — who’s kidding who? — none of these drama majors would have actually made fantastic Russian generals. Except for Eastwood. Everyone takes orders from Eastwood.
Source: Replace Face

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