15 Exceptionally Haunting Movie Cinemagraphs

About a month ago I scoured the internet for every pop culture cinemagraph I could find only to be informed — much to my chagrin — by commenters that a Tumblr completely dedicated to movie cinemagraphs, IWDRM, already exists and has compiled quite the impressive collection. Cinemagraphs, as you may or may not remember, are animated media where only a portion of the image is actually animated. They’re quite effective at capturing a moment in film and I’m kind of obsessed with them.

I think I’m most impacted by how subtly haunting they can be. I’m convinced they should be utilized in some form of psychological warfare. If I run into any ex-girlfriends any time soon I’ll let you know if my theory holds water.

Kidding-that-I-keep-telling-my-therapist-is-playful aside, I’ve sifted through the brilliance on IWDRM and collected the most haunting movie cinemagraphs. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of Kubrick. Nicholson absolutely owned creepy in The Shining. Enjoy. And my apologies if you wake up tonight convinced you’ve been incepted by Tilda Swinton.

Source: IWDRM