15 Inappropriate Instagrams As Inappropriate As Rihanna's Inappropriate Instagrams

I don’t use “The Instagram” as I prefer to collect grainy, romanticized images of my experiences the old fashioned way — with boozy memories stored in the recesses of my brain. But the kids and MC Hammer sure seem to love it. Our girl Rihanna in particular enjoys using the photo service to immortalize questionable moments that maybe weren’t meant to be captured in such a medium. The above photo taken at Coachella with Snoop Dogg’s account comes to mind. As does this slightly NSFW one taken during a recent Rihanna strip club visit. Talk about needing an umbrella.

Rihanna’s Instagram exploits are in league with the assortment of hilarious and not-well-thought-out images collected at Inappropriate Instagram, a new Tumblr dedicated to Instagram photos that are, well, kind of inappropriate.

Here are fifteen I thought particularly fit the bill. They get increasingly NSFW as they go. Consider yourself warned.

Inappropriate Instagram