15-Minutes Of ‘InFamous: Second Son’ Footage Shows Off The Game’s Open World Seattle

InFamous: Second Son may be less than a month away, but Sony is still keeping the title mostly under wraps. We really haven’t seen much footage from the game, and what we have seen has mostly been culled from specific missions taking place within smallish areas — we haven’t seen much of Second Son’s open world gameplay.

Well, somehow some Russian website got hold of InFamous: Second Son, and has posted a nice meaty video of protagonist Delsin jumping, climbing and soaring around a pretty, next-gen Seattle. As long as you’re okay with not being able to understand anything anyone’s saying, you can check the footage out below…

Looks good, although not really radically different from any number of current-gen open world games. What do you folks think? Is Second Son going to be the game that gets you to shell out for a next-gen system, or are you waiting for something more impressive?

via Destructoid